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The Binary Input 8x / 8 Status LEDs is a flush mounted device commonly used in offices, hotel rooms, apartments and much more. The device can interface 8 potential-free contacts to control lighting, shading or other equipment. Up to 7 of the potential-free contacts can be used to connect temperature sensors, to measure various temperatures (local temp., outside temp., inlet air, …). The device can also drive 8 Status LEDs. Each LED can be set to display the status of the corresponding binary input, or to display the value of a separate communication object.

KNX POWER SUPPLY 160mA Flush Mounted


The Flush Power supply KNX 160mA is a device to provide accurate and stable supply voltages to power KNX devices in applications of building automation, access control, Lighting control system etc. The power supply has a built-in coil, to enable KNX communication over twisted pair. Because of their small size, these Flush mounted Power Supplies can be mounted in wall boxes, near to the KNX devices, and enable small KNX lines. The Power supply Flush mounted KNX 160mA features an overload detection to protect themselves in case of wrong or defective load, short circuit etc. So no need of fuse replacement and no maintenance. A green LED in front of device is indicating status of power supply.



The FAN COIL CONTROLLER is a DIN Rail mounted KNX device, for Heating or Cooling applications in offices, hotel rooms and much more. This device is used for driving fans and valves (0-10V or PWM) as determined by the room controller. The FAN COIL CONTROLLER is able to drive up to three fan speeds and an additional 230VAC relay output (ex. for electrical heater). The device has two physical inputs, the first for connecting a local temperature sensor and the second to be used as a binary input or as a window contact input. Also, the 24V power supply is included. Using Handmode, the installation can be tested even without connection to the KNX bus.



The DALI Gateway is a device for controlling and monitoring up to 16 DALI ballast. With its KNX input which is transformed into a DALI signal it is not necessary to have complex electrical installations, and due to its decentralized housing it can be installed near the lighting equipment (suspend ceilings) to avoid additional costs of wiring. Each lamp may also be controlled manually using the buttons on the device. Part of the monitoring is directly visible on the device itself. This is useful for commissioning lamps and test the installation even without KNX Programming. KNX bus Power is sufficient for this purpose.